Support Your Station during Winterfest

The winter membership campaign is our most important of the year for Network Knowledge and its stations WSEC, WMEC, and WQEC.

Here’s how you can make Winterfest 2014 a success: during select pledge breaks we offer a challenge to our viewers to become members. That challenge is from you, and then we try to match your challenge dollar-for-dollar with pledges from other viewers. For example, if you make a gift of $100, we appeal to viewers to match your gift dollar-for-dollar, even if it takes a few or a handful of viewers to meet your challenge.

Network Knowledge needs $337,000 by June 30th to remain a full service station with access to all of the PBS National Program Service, otherwise we would be allowed to access only 25% of the programming. For example, if we choose to air NOVA, we would have to eliminate from our line-up 3 other programs, such as Nature, Great Performances or Antiques Roadshow.

Network Knowledge offers such an array of high quality, memorable programs, and you would hate to lose 75% of program fare previously available to you. We have a wonderful year ahead of us! Masterpiece Classic’s Season IV of Downton Abbey, and Season 10 of the Emmy-nominated Illinois Stories. PBS Newshour and Charlie Rose on the weekends as well as during the week. A Barbra Streisand concert. A new Celtic Woman concert. All new Frontline’s incomparable investigative reports, and new seasons of American Masters biographies and American Experience documentaries.

Viewers voluntarily decide whether or not to pay for the viewer-supported programs we deliver. So, it’s up to you to support us and keep the good program service continuing. Please make a challenge gift to Network Knowledge now. Help us to avoid another crisis and continue to serve you as a full service station. It is your choice. Your challenge will help convince others to do the same.

Your tax deductible membership gift of $1,000, $500, $365 ($1/day), $250, $100, $75, $60 ($15/ quarterly), $35 or even $20 costs only pennies for each hour you spend with great television.

To donate, please call 217-483-7887 ext. 224 or donate online here:

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