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Support Your Local PBS Station This Summer

A refuge of civility. A place for voices that enlighten, inspire, empower and educate. A place where everyone is welcomed and respected. A force for the ephemeral pursuit of quality and innovation, where no one is left behind.
That’s Network Knowledge and your public television station.

We are part of America’s public media enterprise – part of the people’s network across our region in central and western Illinois and northeast Missouri. And as such, we count on your support to make our programs and services the very best they can be. We are viewer-supported.

That’s why we're asking you to make a special donation and to help sustain your local public television station. Your special gift will help fund many more hours of first-rate drama, independent journalism, world-class and eclectic music, theater, dance, history and biography, travel, self-help, nature and science exploration, and children’s educational programming.

Our new fiscal year began on July 1, and with no state funding we still need to raise over $93,000. Can we count on you? Contributions from friends like you provide us the ability to bring quality programming to you and your family and to your neighbors 365 days a year.

Your membership gift of $35, $60 ($15/quarterly), $75, $100, $250, $365 ($1/day), $500, $1,000, $2,500 or even more costs only pennies for each hour you spend with great television during the year. So, please find enclosed your “invoice” for thousands of hours of wonderful programming and help us balance our operating budget. Please help us in whatever way you can can afford.

And as always, thank you for watching and supporting.

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