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Board of Directors


Mr. Elwin Basquin, Former President of WTVP, Peoria, IL
Mr. Ken Boyle, Attorney, McWard Law Office, Springfield, IL
Mr. Keith Bradbury, President, Franklin Bank, Franklin, IL
Mr. Jim Broemmer, President, Adams Telephone Co-op, Golden, IL
Mr. Mark Clayton, Chatham, IL
Mrs. Maria Eckert, First Bankers Trust Company, Quincy, IL
Mrs. Jenissa Ezard, Marketing, Illinois Electric Co-Op, Winchester, IL
Ms. Teresa Faith Cummings, Retired administrator, Springfield, IL
Mr. Robert Fluent, Retired business owner, Quincy, IL
Mr. Patrick Gerveler, CFO at Blessing Corporate Services, Quincy, IL
Ms. Marie Giacomelli, Retired educator, Springfield, IL
Dr. Jerold Gruebel, President/CEO, Network Knowledge, Springfield, IL
Mr. Mark Hanna, Director, Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport, Springfield, IL
Mr. Steve Hopper, Retired hospital executive, Macomb, IL
Dr. Victoria Johnson, Retired Physician, Springfield, IL
Mr. Phillip Krupps, President at Brown County State Bank, Mt. Sterling, IL
Dr. Keith Lape, Retired Educator, Jacksonville, IL
Dr. Greg Mishkel, Prairie Heart Institute, Springfield, IL
Mrs. Debbie Naught, Klingner & Associates, Quincy, IL
Mrs. Diana Olinger, Jacksonville, IL
Mr. Paul Palazzolo, Sangamon County Clerk, Springfield, IL
Mr. Jack Sharkey, President of Sharkey Transportation, Quincy, IL
Ms. Susan Shoemaker, Community volunteer, Macomb, IL
Mr. Bill Sleeman, Principal, Benton & Associates, Jacksonville, IL
Ms. Jil Tracy, Quincy, IL
Mr. Tony Williams, Jacksonville, IL
Mr. Jim Wood, Ameren Illinois, Quincy, IL

Board of Directors Meeting Dates for FY 2015

It is the policy of West Central Illinois Educational Telecommunications Corporation that meetings of its Board of Directors are open to the public, although certain meetings, or portions of meetings, may be closed in order to address confidential or proprietary matters.

There may be meetings in which matters are discussed that (1) relate to individual employees, (2) deal with proprietary matters, (3) are related to litigation, and (4) could, if disclosed, compromise the stations’ business interest. Such meetings or parts of meetings will be designated as “Closed” and so noted in minutes. In cases where the agenda indicates that such matters as previously noted above will be discussed, the meeting will be “Closed” and a statement will follow shortly thereafter on the website indicating the reason for the closure of the meeting.

On November 12, 2015, December 22, 2015 and January 21, 2016 meetings of the Strategic Planning Committee were held. They were all closed meetings because they dealt with matters relating to the FCC Reverse Auction.

The following meetings have been scheduled:

All Board meetings begin at 10:30 am.

The Board of Directors of West Central Illinois Educational Telecommunications Corp. will meet via conference call on Friday, June 10, 2016 at 8:45 a.m. The meeting is closed to the public.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016 Annual Full Board meeting in Chatham

If you have questions about any of the scheduled meetings, please call the office at 217/483-7887.

Please note: In the minutes of the Annual meetings with the Board of Network Knowledge, information related to the identification of specific donors and foundations has been redacted in public copies of these minutes.

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