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When General Assembly is in session, this program is a weekly half hour review of politics and current events by some of the region's top journalists.

Week of 4/18/2014
Host: Bernie Schoenberg
Guests: Charlie Wheeler (UIS) and Brian Mackey (WUIS)
Subject: School aid formula doomsday numbers, Chicago casino; alternate plan talks; Chicago pensions; Rauner against; Quinn must decide, Kirk now OK with Oberweis, Durbin talks earmarks, minimum wage; Futurgen, Jacksonville, and 25 mil training and visitors center there, Sneed says Hermene Hartman, who runs N'Digo, got more than $50,000 from Rauner and is promoting Rauner, and Quinn's anti-violence program provided wife of Rep. Will Davis more than $137,000, Sun-Times says.

Week of 4/11/2014
Host: Jamey Dunn
Guests: Patrick Yeagle (Illinois Times) and Charlie Wheeler (UIS)
Topics: Chicago pension reform bill passed after property tax provision removed, Death of Madigan's Millionaire tax, Constitutional amendments that did pass: voting rights & victims rights, Quinn's call for a new capital bill and gaming update, Sen. Andy Manar's school funding proposal meets Republican opposition, Rauner's run in with Bill Cellini and him moving away from his "union bosses" comments, and more.

Week of 4/4/2014
Host: Bernie Schoenberg
Guests: Bob Gough ( and Andy Maloney (Chicago Daily Law Bulletin)
Subject: Governor's race; Edgar wants tax extended; Rauner says Quinn's a liar but wants more for higher ed and criticize education cuts, Quinn says Rauner can't add, Rauner says tax overhaul ideas coming, Fair Map gets $500,000 from Michael Bloomberg, keeps gathering signatures. Madigan for Minimum wage, and Cullerton blocked on seeking quick fix for some Chicago city pensions.

Week of 3/28/2014
Host: Amanda Vinicky
Guest: Kent Redfield (UIS) and Charlie Wheeler (UIS)
Subject: Budget address, election tie-in, and progressive income tax.

Week of 3/21/2014
Host: Jamey Dunn
Guests: Nicole Wilson (MetroSource News) and Brian Mackey (WUIS)
Subject: Governor’s primaries, Dillard getting closer than polling indicated, Anti-Quinn protest vote, what the Quinn vs. Rauner race will look like- big money, labor and education issues that have played out nationally, Rauner potentially softening his rhetoric, and how the possible lack of focus on social issues focus may come into play as far as donors. The conservative challenger races (Breen, Matune, etc.), Democrats who lost or struggled Berrios, Mitchell what those races mean for Madigan Durkin and issues coming up this session such as Chicago pensions,and Farnham resignation.

Week of 3/14/2014
Host: Bernie Schoenberg
Guests: Charlie Wheeler (UIS) and Bruce Rushton (Illinois Times)
Subject: GOP Govenor primary, Brady attacks Dillard on AGSCME, Dillard/Tracy hit conservative themes in anti-Rauner radio ad, Quinn and the anti-violence program, Tio Hardiman gets some attention (and 36 percent in a survey), gun safety -- Paul Simon institute says 52 percent feel less safe with concealed carry; Oberweis in Florida, and school funding woes.

Topinka debt estimate, 45 B.
Week of 3/7/2014
Host: Bernie Schoenberg
Guests: Bob Gough (, Patrick Yeagle (Illinois Times)
Subject: Possible mention of U.S. Senate -- Oberweis, Truax, and Illinois Treasurer; legislation to ban smoking in cars with minors present, same-sex marriage gets OK from Lisa Madigan for counties that want to do it before July. Civic Federation in Chicago proposes budget fix -- with a one-year extension of temporary tax and new tax on retirement benefits.

Fridays at 7:30PM/30 minutes

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