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Club Kids

Club Kids


Your kids can get something special from Network Knowledge when you support children's educational programming and services on your local public television station.

With your membership of $40 or more, you can enroll them in Club Kids Free!

Club Kids members receive

  • Their Birthday Announced ON-AIR
  • A Welcome Gift (lunch bag or water bottle)
  • Club Kids Quarterly Newsletter
  • Discounted & Free Special Events

Call 217-483-7887 or 800-232-3605 to enroll your children in Club Kids over the phone!

Educational Services

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Network Knowledge understands that every child deserves the chance to learn to read and succeed in school. In addition to broadcasting 48 hours per week of quality children's educational programming, the station's Ready To Learn initiative promotes literacy and self-esteem to area disadvantaged children through book ownership, interactive activities and encouragement of parental involvement in education.

Literacy and Learning


As part of our goal to get kids ready to learn, Network Knowledge is helping parents, teachers, and caregivers across central Illinois use public television to help children love learning. As a station, Network Knowledge works to build partnerships between our Illinois public television station and local community organizations such as child care centers, schools, libraries, businesses, civic groups, and government agencies. To extend the educational impact of Ready To Learn programs "beyond the screen," Network Knowledge PBS Springfield, Quincy and Macomb must do the following:

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