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Network Knowledge At Another Crucial Point in Fundraising

July 7, 2016 –Network Knowledge enters July still needing to raise $112,000 to overcome a financial shortfall caused by the state budget impasse and the loss of two major donors. Substantial progress has been made in raising the needed $276,800, with contributions coming in just $30,000 short.

And hopes of fundraising relief from the state’s stopgap budget have been dashed, too. Public television was expected to receive $92,000 in state grants, but the stopgap budget approved by the state legislature was without grants to public television and radio stations. This puts Network Knowledge even further behind in its efforts to avoid further reductions in programs and on-air hours.

“The communities in our western and central Illinois and viewing areas have been extremely generous and have responded to the need,” said Jerold Gruebel, President and CEO of Network Knowledge. “It is heartwarming to see the generosity and desire of the people of this region who want their public television service to continue. We have raised 67 percent of the $378,000 total needed in just two months. But, Network Knowledge is running against time and expenses to meet. The deadline has been moved back to July 18th.”

Gruebel says direct mailings, additional pledge nights, appeals to service clubs and businesses, and gatherings of donor prospects all have played an important role in the effort. He also thanked area newspapers for responding with editorials urging citizens to keep Network Knowledge going.

“For many of our communities we are the sole source of PBS programming,” said Gruebel. “It would be a shame if this extraordinary treasure of national programs like Masterpiece, Great Performances, Antiques Roadshow, NOVA, 19 series of children’s educational programs, Ken Burns’ documentaries, and its signature locally-produced program series Illinois Stories, were no longer available to them.”

Contributions can be made by calling 800-232-3605 or by sending checks to Po Box 6248, Springfield, IL 62708. Pledges of up to $5,000 can be made online at Network Knowledge’s secure website at

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