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Tough Times for Network Knowledge

Times can be tough but when they are, the tough get going.

This is where Network Knowledge finds itself today, in a tough time. The past several weeks, your public television station has been financially staggered by the absence of support normally provided by grants from the state of Illinois, a drop in funding from donors, and the resulting imbalance between revenue and expenditures.

The message we want to send to our thousands of viewers and friends is we are tough and we need your help to keep going. We need to raise $226,600 by June 30th through contributions, pledges and in-kind gifts so that our service to central and western Illinois can continue. Our cash reserves are non-existent, and our cash flow is at its lowest point ever. We need your immediate help! We cannot do this without you.

Public broadcasting is founded on the belief that media can do more – that it can foster discovery, inspire empowerment, and build understanding in our increasingly diverse, complex, and ever-changing world. At your public television station, it’s our privilege to bring you the programs that offer these experiences and provide a balanced perspective every day. This is a valuable service that comes to your home whether you pay or not. Sounds impossible, right? It does happen and it is, quite literally, because of you – Network Knowledge member-supporters – that any of this is possible.

Just as your public television station is here for you, we ask that you be here for your public television station. From the daring journalism of Frontline to the awe-inspiring photography in Nature, from the compelling drama of Masterpiece to the gentle friendships formed with Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and Sesame Street, people who bring Network Knowledge into their lives truly benefit from a continuing dedication to truth, discovery, learning and wonder.

We hope you will choose to keep Public Television in your community and we want to continue to offer what you have become accustomed to over the last 31 years. Network Knowledge is viewer supported, so viewers are urged to generously contribute to avoid further cuts. Please send your contribution in today!

Please call 1-800-232-3605 or make a pledge of up to $5,000 online at

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