WSEC/ PBS Springfield Produces “Know Your Rights: Creating Community Connections”

Springfield, IL, August 22, 2016 –Earlier in 2016, WSEC/PBS Springfield worked with a panel of community professionals and law enforcement together with a live audience to discuss how a community benefits when citizens know their rights and respect the police. The product of this discussion was a program called “Know Your Rights: Creating Community Connections.”

Since then, the program has been used around the state of Illinois for training and discussion, in the hopes of training law enforcement to avoid violence, and to teach students how to act when stopped by police. The Illinois governor Bruce Rauner has signed legislation that driver's education courses must teach students what to do when stopped by the police.

WSEC/ PBS Springfield is part of Network Knowledge, which provides quality public television and educational services made possible by a network of viewer-supporters, volunteers, universities, hospitals and business partners in communities throughout central and western Illinois. Station-produced programs are available on its YouTube channel Network Knowledge is public media for western and central Illinois.

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