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Illinois Stories

From the Decatur Celebration and the Farm Progress Show to the storied ferris wheels of Jacksonville; from Lincoln's footsteps in Springfield and New Salem to the historic barns of the Macomb area; from the river heritage of Quincy and Hannibal to the bounty of the richest farmland on earth, Mark McDonald takes us through a Central Illinois we thought we knew.

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Join us for this Emmy award winning series.

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This Week On Illinois Stories

December 15-24

Penfield Neon -- A man in rural Penfield still makes signs the old fashioned way, shaping glass tubing and firing it with neon.
Tuesday, Dec. 16, 6:30 PM

World War I Christmas -- Interpreters inhabit the trenches at the Illinois State Military Museum and show what the Christmas truce of 1917 was like.
Monday, Dec. 15, 6:30 PM

Illinois Stories Motorola -- Not too long ago Quincy was on the forefront of a technological revolution and Motorola was the city’s largest employer. Retirees gather to show their Motorola collections and share their memories.
Wednesday, Dec. 17, 6:30 PM

Benld Orthodox Church -- The congregation is small, but the Russian Orthodox Church in the small town of Benld is still in operation.
Thursday, Dec. 18, 6:30 PM
Sunday, Dec. 21, 4:30 PM
Tuesday, Dec. 23, 6:30 PM

LWW II Memorial 10th Anniversary -- The World War II memorial at Oak Ridge Cemetery celebrates its 10th anniversary, commemorating the attack on Pearl Harbor. We discuss with those who built the memorial and some World War II vets.
Thursday, Dec. 18, 7:00 PM
Sunday, Dec. 21, 4:00 PM
Monday, Dec. 22, 6:30 PM

William S. Gray Home -- Wm. S. Gray, one of the fathers of literacy teaching in the U.S. and author of the Dick and Jane books was born in Coatsburg in Adams County. We learn about him and tour his ancestral home.
Thursday, Dec. 18, 7:30 PM
Friday, Dec. 19, 6:30 PM; Wednesday
Dec. 24, 6:30 PM

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