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Springfield stations will be off the air on 10/17/19 from 12am-6am for scheduled maintenance.

Educational Services

Network Knowledge understands that every child deserves the chance to learn to read and succeed in school. In addition to broadcasting 48 hours per week of quality children's educational programming, the station's Ready To Learn initiative promotes literacy and self-esteem to area disadvantaged children through book ownership, interactive activities and encouragement of parental involvement in education.

Network Knowledge employs an Educator Team that incorporates the PBS Ready To Learn Triangle of READ-VIEW-DO by conducting classroom programs and literacy workshops. Network Knowledge reaches over 1,500 children each month throughout the central and western Illinois regions with its literacy initiatives.

  • READ an age appropriate book with emphasis on building cognitive skills and developing a love of reading
  • VIEW a short video clip from a PBS educational children's program
  • DO an activity that correlates to the book and video clip to reinforce literacy skills

Educators can also visit PBS Learning Media for tools and resources in the classroom:

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