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Club Kids


Club Kids

As parents and caregivers know, Network Knowledge provides programming that both entertains and educates your children. We are proud of the fact that more than a third of all of our weekly programming is dedicated to childrens' education.

To enhance the benefit for children and to encourage them to watch and learn from our quality educational programming, we have created CLUB KIDS and invite you to make your child a member.

Membership in Club Kids includes the following:
Each child will receive a special birthday greeting by name on-air, twice daily on the child's birthday.

Upon joining, each child will receive a welcome gift, currently a choice of either a lunch bag or a water bottle.

Each quarter, the child will receive a newsletter with information about programs and activities of interest as well as stories to entertain.

Members will be invited to special events, parties, and even occasional visits by program characters such as Princess Pea and Clifford. Discounts will be provided for special events.

In order for your child to be a member of Club Kids, please send in your information with appropriate information and the birthday of the child.

An annual fee of $25 will provide the above benefits while your child is enjoying the safe, entertaining benefits of watching the educational programming of Network Knowledge. A second child in the same family may be enrolled in CLUB KIDS for $20 (a total for two children of $45) and a third child in the same family may be enrolled for $15 (a total for three children of $60).

This also makes a wonderful gift for a grandchild, niece, or nephew (or for any child you treasure.)

Please call 217-483-7887 or 800-232-3605 for more information about Club Kids.

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