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Local PBS Program Wins Regional Emmy Award

WSEC/ PBS Springfield is proud to announce that at the NATAS Mid-America Emmy Awards in Branson, Missouri this past weekend, Mark McDonald and Dr. Gregory Mishkel took home an Emmy Award in the Interview/Discussion category for their work co-hosting the locally produced program, Cardia: Hearts and Sciences.

Cardia, hosted by Mark McDonald for more than 15 years, takes an inside look at heart health issues both patients and doctors are facing today. This particular edition of the series, Cardia: Hearts and Sciences, was directed by Meredith Dumyahn and Keith Lawson and was produced in partnership with Prairie Heart Institute, who provided medical expertise, doctors and patients.

In the awarded program, Dr. Jeff Christy performs heart bypass and ablation surgery, and Mark McDonald and guest Dr. Mishkel discuss the procedure and address viewer questions.

“We have always known that Mark McDonald is among the very best broadcast journalists in the Midwest,” said Dr. Jerold Gruebel, President & CEO of Network Knowledge, parent company of WSEC/ PBS Springfield & Jacksonville. “This is a confirmation of his interviewing skills. Long recognized as producer/host of our signature series Illinois Stories, McDonald has also been producer/host of this important health series for 15 years, and is overdue for recognition.”

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