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Maintenance Alert

Springfield stations will be off the air on 10/17/19 from 12am-6am for scheduled maintenance.

Literacy and Learning

As part of our goal to get kids ready to learn, Network Knowledge is helping parents, teachers, and caregivers across central Illinois use public television to help children love learning. As a station, Network Knowledge works to build partnerships between our Illinois public television station and local community organizations such as child care centers, schools, libraries, businesses, civic groups, and government agencies. To extend the educational impact of Ready To Learn programs "beyond the screen," Network Knowledge PBS Springfield, Quincy and Macomb must do the following:

Conduct training workshops to help parents, teachers, and caregivers use public TV as a positive force in children's lives through music, art, reading and discussion.

Collaborate with local partner organizations like Head Start, Even Start, PTA, libraries and museums, and national organizations like Sesame Street Preschool Education Program (PEP) and Mister Rogers' Neighborhood Child Care Partnership.

Distribute program Users' Guides, Activity Sheets and public television media literacy information to complement our PBS programming.

Participate in the "First Book" program, which distributes free books to disadvantaged children.

Distribute PBS family newsletters which provide advice to caregivers and PBS program-related activities for area children.

Every program, workshop and publication is produced with a single goal in mind: to get all kids ready to learn -- one child at a time!

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