Support Your Station

Becoming a member of your public television station is one way you can play an active role in insuring that quality television and educational outreach will continue to be a part of your community.

Whether you contribute to receive a gift from a quality PBS series or you join at the basic membership level, your financial support will help us continue our mission of providing quality public television.

Planned Giving

You can insure your contributions will support the station for years to come by including us in your estate planning. Contact us for more information.

On-Air Sponsorships/Program Underwriting

Sponsoring programming is another way you can support public television. It’s similar to advertising, allowing your company (or even you as an individual), to get your message out to the customers you’re looking for, our viewers. To find out more, contact Brian Flath at (618) 453-4286.


What’s on my public television station right now? What exciting program am I missing? Our members are not left with a remote and no where to go! We urge you to participate and show your support for your public television station by becoming a member.

Your membership investment today will purchase next year’s programs on YOUR public television station.

For almost 15 years this station has been a trusted community partner. You know we broadcast consistently high quality national and local television programs…programs that entertain, enliven, and inform…all without commercial interruption.

The future of the station is now up to viewers like you…folks who watch, use, and enjoy public television. Please participate by becoming a member and secure the future by making a pledge of financial support.

You can control your own viewing destiny. You can maintain the programs and series that you and your family view every day by participating right now!

Thank you for your interest in YOUR public television station!